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CCTV Maintenance

Whatever your needs, SAT-Planet has the equipment, experience and professionalism to get you up to date.

with the best prices and hight quality service. 

Keep your CCTV System tested and properly serviced to maintain protection. With our service :
You can easy transfer from you current supplier/maintainer. Our experienced technicians giving you honest advice and guarantee of service.
 SAT-Planet engineers making Sure Your System is Recording the Correct Footage and we provide Storage/Hard Disk Replacements.
To ensure your CCTV system is fully functional at all times we recommend that you enter into a maintenance agreement with SAT-Planet :

•Routine inspection – the regular testing and inspection of CCTV systems. Inspections are either quarterly or six-monthly depending on the type of system you have and the environment in which it is installed.

Our engineers carry out all tests and inspections required to confirm the correct operation of the system. We also check for changes in the building use or structural changes that may affect the design or effectiveness of the CCTV system.

• Modification work – extension and modification of existing systems to meet changing needs within a property. Improvement and updating of equipment to minimise downtime and maxamise coverage.

Our technicians are local and experienced in recommending the correct equipment to suit your area. 
We offer you peace of mind when working in and around your property, as you are partnering with a family-friendly, local provider, and we carry all necessary safety accreditations and insurances.

 Contact SAT-Planet with Confidence as our work is 100% Guaranteed 

Call: 071-9162757

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