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Extra CCTV Cameras

Whatever your needs, SAT-Planet has the equipment, experience and professionalism to get you up to date.

Are you looking for an extra Security Camera ?

Do you have an indoor camera  and need an outdoor one ?

Do you need information about the different types of Cameras or which CCTV Systems is best that suit your needs ?


If your answer is  yes to any of these questions then you have found the right place. 

SAT-Planet has a wide range of CCTV Systems which suits your need.

Ask our free advice.

Our technicians are local and experienced in recommending the correct antenna to suit your area.

Any roof or any house design SAT-Planet can install camera them all.

We offer you peace of mind when working in and around your home, as you are partnering with a family-friendly, local provider, and we carry all necessary safety accreditations and insurances.

We use only the best Quality material.

Standards and According to Irish Weather Conditions.

We are cheap because we are not paying Franchise fee of thousands to big companies thats why we are the cheapest Security Cameras and CCTV Systems installers.

 Contact SAT-Planet with Confidence as our work is 100% Guaranteed 

Call: 071-9162757

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Sample of Security Camera video