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Calving CCTV Cameras

Whatever your needs, SAT-Planet has the equipment, experience and professionalism to get you up to date.


No mater what your situation, we can provide you with a Cow Calving Kit that will work for you.
Our CCTV Systems are also ideal for monitoring your horse or pony in case of colic, getting cast or whilst they are recovering from an injury. 

Our calving / farm CCTV camera system is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, including use inside metal & tin sheds. Each calving camera comes with a 700 -1000 TVL lens which gives crisp, clear pictures in colour, allowing you to monitor your calving pens from the comfort of your own home.

Each calving camera also has 30 infra-red led to allow clear night vision of up to 15 metres, allowing you to use your systems in the dark, or all year round to monitor your cattle pens / sheds / stall. You can even use it as a CCTV security camera system when outside of the cattle calving season.
Our calving camera remote controlled multiplexor box included with this kit will enable you to view up to 4 cameras on screen at any time.

The screen can be split in 4 allowing 4 equal picture display. You can also have 3 pictures on one side of the screen and 1 picture on the rest of the screen. You can also see time and date on screen, pause live pictures, motion detector and picture loss alarm.

This system can also be controlled from the comfort of your armchair with the included remote control. You can view your cattle anywhere in the world on your PC, laptop or Smartphone. All of our systems come with smartphone Apps.
Our technicians are local and experienced in recommending the correct equipment to suit your needs. 

We offer you peace of mind when working in and around your property, as you are partnering with a family-friendly, local provider, and we carry all necessary safety accreditations and insurances.

 Contact SAT-Planet with Confidence as our work is 100% Guaranteed 

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