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Digital Upgrade​

SAT-Planet upgrade to Digital TV  that suits your needs !

If your television signal comes through an aerial you will need to upgrade to a Saorview approved television or set top box to receive the digital signal. Digital TV carries many advantages such as higher quality pictures and sound and an on screen 7 day electronic TV guide.Saorview is Ireland's first free Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) service. A new Digital TV signal will replace the old analogue TV service. All channels will be broadcast in HD.


With Saorview you have the best in Irish TV and you have the possibility to access free channels from the UK. Whatever TV you love, Saorview has lots of it from soaps, drama, sport, travel, chat and more besides.


Saorview has a range of options that allow you to access free TV in a way that suits you. For a set top box, via a smart TV, in your living room, bedroom or holiday home, connected to a satellite dish to increase your access or with built in recorder to pause, rewind and record live TV.

With Saorview you get access to channels from RTÉ, TV3, TG4 and UTV - the best in Irish content and the most watched TV programmes in Ireland, all for free. Plus you can listen to radio and access digital Aertel.

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 TV Antenna Installation

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Satellite Dish Installation

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