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FAQ Combo Satellite Systems

Combo Satellite System

What would I need to receive an Irish and UK Channels?

You will need Satellite dish, pointing Astra 28,2E, Digital Aerial  and combo box.

What is a Combo box TV?

Combo box is a Digital receiver allows you to wach channels from the Satellite Dish and Digital Aerial free with  no monthly subscriptions.

What is the difference between the various Combo Boxes available ?

All combo boxes do roughly the same thing. The main difference is that some of the combo boxes can avail of the MHEG 5 service that will provide full digital teletext and the ability to use the interactive functions in near future.

Can I Record tv Channels?

Yes, You can connect an external hard drive or USB memory stick to your combo box and this gives you the full functionality of being able to record and pause live TV.

Can I record one channel while watch another one simultaneously?

Yes, You can record one satellite channel whilst watching a terrestrial channel and vice versa.

Can two different programs be watched in separate rooms?

Yes there are many options for multi-rooms installations.

Who will carry out the installations? Will my channels be tuned in?

One of our professionally trained and certified installers will carry out all jobs. When the Job is complete all that will be left for you to do is choose what you want to watch!

Do I need to purchase a digital TV?

No, most satellite & terrestrial receivers will work with your current TV enhancing the picture and sound. A new High Defintion TV will need to be purchased if you wish to take advantage of new HD channels.

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