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FAQ TV Wall Mounting

What do you need to know before I order wall mounting service?
We need to know:
TV model and make number – you can find them in the manual or on the label at the back of your TV. If you can’t find model number then we will need make ,size of screen, and VESA standard
Type a bracket of your choice (flat/slim, tilting, swivel)
Type of the wall where tv is going on (solid/bricked wall, studded wall)
What is VESA and How Do I Measure My TV’s VESA Standard?
VESA is a set of standards for the manufacturing of flat screen televisions and PC monitors. Most manufacturers comply with this standard by adhering to an industry wide “hole pattern” on the back of their displays for mounting purposes.
There are 4 mounting holes on the back of your TV. The distance between these mounting holes determine the VESA compatibility of your TV.
Measure the distance between them both horizontally and vertically (in mm). This is your VESA Standard.
A VESA hole pattern is measured in both horizontal and vertical distance between mounting holes. For example: VESA 400 means your TV mounting holes are 400mm apart horizontally and 400mm apart vertically. VESA 400x200 means your TV mounting holes are 400mm apart horizontally and 200mm apart vertically.

What kind of warranty do you offer?
We offer a life time warranty on our wall mounts
How many years does a TV wall mount last?
Properly mounted, holding a TV within its weight limit and used indoors, a TV mount will last a lifetime.

What are the types of TV wall mounts?
Flat mount: The flat mount places the TV as little as one inch away from the wall. There is no angle adjustments as the TV screen's position is parallel to the wall.
Tilt mount: The tilt mount provides a vertical angle adjustment. It compensates for a TV positioned above the ideal viewing level. The tilt mount mechanism allows the TV to be spaced about two and a half inches or more from the wall. A common place for the tilt mounted TV is above a fireplace or on a bedroom wall. A common issue for plasma TVs and some LCDs is the screen reflections which can be eliminated with the angle adjustment of the tilt mounted TV.
Tilt/swivel mount: A tilt-swivel mount increases the viewing options and is ideal for rooms with more than one usual viewing spot.​​
Do you to hide the cables?
Yes, but it is extra option, it can be done it two ways
Option 1: Routing the A/V cables inside your wall (more expensive)
Option 2: Cover the cables with a sleeve or cable management kit (less expensive)
How many hours it should take to wall mount my TV?
Most standard installations takes 1-2 hrs. Custom Installations might take longer. Also with some installations we might have to come back to patch and smooth the wall openings.

Do I get a discount?
Yes, you get a 5% discount if you order more than one service at the same time for the same location. You can save up to 10% if you are registered user also.

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