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Office CCTV cameras in the office around Sligo, Mayo, Leitrim, Roscommon and Donegal are more important now than ever before in our homes and workplaces which give the unique nature of security problems faced today. For instance, criminals come in all forms today and most crime isn’t being committed by your average criminal. 

It’s, therefore, harder to gather evidence and catch criminals today using conventional analog CCTV systems. This is where high-tech SAT-Planet HD systems are a valuable business investment. ​
Our focus here will be on the importance of surveillance systems in office and other business premises. A lot of crime takes place in workplaces today and most of it can be prevented by installing good CCTV camera systems. The benefits of CCTV systems however go beyond preventing crime.

SAT-Planet CCTV camera systems also boost productivity by monitoring employees constantly. When employees know they are being watched, they tend to be more productive. The best surveillance systems record everything you need to know to keep your employees productive. For instance, the systems will record when every employee reports working, what they do at work, their adherence to company standards/rules among other important info that helps to discourage slacking and promote hard work in workplaces. 

We installing  best CCTV systems on the market today, wich allow remote monitoring. This simply means that business owners can monitor their businesses from anywhere without being physically present in their business premises. To be able to remotely monitor your business from anywhere, you just need internet access and a computing device i.e. a computer, laptop, Smartphone or any other device capable of accessing the internet and streaming live videos.

You can travel anywhere in the world and still be able to monitor your business real-time. You don’t therefore have to worry about employee productivity decreasing when you are away. Remote monitoring also reduces the cost of doing business when you are away since you don’t need to hire anyone to monitor your business when you are away. 

We can install CCTV Systems in your business place. Please contact us,to discuss your requirements.
Our technicians are local and experienced in recommending the correct equipment that suit your needs. 
We offer you peace of mind when working in and around your property, as you are partnering with a family-friendly, local provider, and we carry all necessary safety accreditations and insurances. 
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