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Reception Problems​

SAT-Planet engineers can identify and fix the issue!

If your picture is breaking up, you’re getting pixelation, or some channels can’t be received, it means that your box isn’t getting a decent quality signal.

Possible causes:

·   Dish out of alignment: Could the dish have been knocked or blown out of alignment? A SAT-Planet installers can help check and fix alignment problems.

·   Something blocking the signal: The dish needs a clear line-of-sight to the satellite – trees, scaffolding, buildings, walls blocking the path to the satellite cause interference.

·   Weather: Heavy rain is no friend to satellite TV reception. If high winds cause problems, that could indicate that the dish is not securely fixed.

·   Cabling: Check that the cable from the dish to the back of your satellite receiver is undamaged, and the feed is securely connected.

If you’re having problems with your satellite or aerial signal, our engineers can help identify the issue. 
Before we get started, it’s important for us to know what appears on your screen when you’re watching Free to Air or Saorview channels.

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