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How Long does installation take?
Installations usually take from 1 to 2 hours to complete, Multi room installations will take slightly longer.
Will my bunny / rabbit / cats ears work with SAORVIEW?
You may be able to get SAORVIEW with a small indoor aerial but this is not guaranteed to work. Ideally you need a rooftop UHF aerial to get SAORVIEW.
Do I need a digital aerial?
There is no such thing as a digital aerial. You need a standard UHF aerial to get SAORVIEW. Most people already have this type of aerial. If you get TV3 with your aerial, that aerial is likely fine to get SAORVIEW.
Can I get SAORVIEW with my satellite dish?
No, SAORVIEW is not a satellite service. You need a standard UHF aerial to get SAORVIEW. You can access RTÉ services on satellite with SAORSAT. For more information go to SAORSAT (tutaj link to zakladki SAORSAT)

Is there a warranty?
Yes. All our installations are covered by full 12 months warranty.

Where will the aerial placed on my house?
The aerial points towards nearest/strongest SAORVIEW transmitter. so it will usually go onto wall which is facing transmitter. In strong signal areas aerial can be also installed into loft/attic space. Please use SAORVIEW COVERAGE CHECKER tool for more details about your nearest SAORVIEW Transmitter.
Do I need a a phoneline?
No, you do not require a phone line for standard or multi room installations.
Can the wind blow the aerial/dish off?
No. In most cases a properly mounted dish and aerial should not be dis-orientated by the wind. In the rare event of this happening, we will re-align your dish for FREE within guarantee period.
Do I need TV license?
Yes. A television license is still required as you will be using a television set.

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